- Calcium-Boron

Nitrogen(N–NH2) – 2.5% Calcium(CaО) -5.0% Boron(B) – 0.8% ________________________________________ Density 1.3 g/ml pH 7.5 ECOLINE CALCIUM - BORON – liquid fertilizer in form of iron chelat and organic boron crops sensitive to calcium and boron deficiency fruit, rape, sugar beet, sunflower, potato, grapes, vegetables. Calcium participates in the water, carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism in plants, neutralizes the organic acids, regulates metabolism, water and physiological balance of cells. Calcium is also needed for plant to synthesis nucleic acids, photosynthesis and energy metabolism are closely associated with it. The most important role of calcium - participate in building cell membranes and maintaining of their structural organization and membrane potential. Supporting the structure of cell membranes of fruits and vegetables, calcium prevents premature aging and, consequently, improves storage and transportation possibility of fruit.

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