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Nitrogen(N–NH2) – 10% Copper(Cu) – 4.3% ____________________ Density 1.4 g/ml pH 6.5 ECOLINE COPPER– liquid fertilizer in the form of EDTA chelate of copper for demanding crops: cereals, corn, fruit, vegetables. Copper is part of enzymes, increases respiration and photosynthesis, affects the protein and carbohydrate metabolism, improve revenues of nitrogen and magnesium into plant , involved in auxin and nucleic metabolism, biosynthesis of lignin. Cereals are plants-indicators of the lack of copper. Their young leaves' tips are getting whiter and curl up, then wither and wither away. There is observed a deformity of the spica. In fruit crops young shoots die, on leaves is observed marginal chlorosis and necrosis, dramatically delayed the transition of plant to the generative phase (flowering and fruiting), leaves fall, the tips of the shoots die and bent down.

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