- Molybdenum

Nitrogen(N–NH2) – 4.0% Phosphorus(P2O5) – 25.0% Molybdenum(MO) – 7.0% ________________________ Density 1.4 g/ml pH 5.5 ECOLINE MOLYBDENUM –liquid fertilizer in the form of organic-mineral complex for demanding crops: legumes, perennial grasses to legumes, seeds, fruit, vegetables. Molybdenum catalyzes nitrogen fixation process in plants and is present in all organs, including roots. Molybdenum participates in the fixation of molecular nitrogen with nodule bacteria of the genus Rhizobium, participate in phosphorus and protein metabolism, in the synthesis of pectin. Lack of molybdenum results the accumulation of soluble nitrogen-containing compounds in plant tissues and creation of inhibition organophosphorus complexes in the plant. Molybdenum starvation can cause a slowing synthesis of ascorbic acid that entails a reduction in the intensity of photosynthesis in as a result of regeneration of chlorophyll.

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