Model Economy Series - Pot Feeders



The Economy Series Pot Feeders, Bypass Feeders, and Shot Feeders, at web competitive pricing, are ideal for the aftermarket where cost considerations are paramount.

  • The feeder can serve as a filter feeder simply by adding our stainless steel basket and filter bag.
  • The feeder can become a cartridge filter feeder simply by adding our cartridge filter assembly.
  • The low torque required to open & close the Safety Bar ClosureTM eliminates the need to anchor the ES feeder to the floor.
  • The inlet and outlet ¾” valve package (VP-75) is unique in the industry. Each valve body has an additional valve for venting or draining. The VP-75 simplifies installation & reduces the number of installation fittings and joints. A typical installation using standard ball valves will require 4 valves, 10 fittings, 2 unions, and 16 joints. Use of the VP-75 requires just 2 valves, no fittings, no unions, and 2 joints. This saves about $300 in time and material for each installation.

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