- Model ED - Precision Airplanter



AMAZONE precision Airplanters have carefully been designed for the demands of contractors and large farms. They are extremely versatile, are highly efficient and reliable with unprecedented accuracy. According to profi-Test operational speeds of 9 km/h are possible without problem. AMAZONE Precision Airplanters are extremely robust and simple and convenient to operate. In addition they are convincing by excellent placement accuracy, reliability and are of lasting value.

The ideal machine or machine combination can be specified from the wide range of options available to meet individual requirements. Combinations that consist of either a front tank or rear tank for mineral fertiliser are high output units for professional operation and, with AMAZONE, all components come from one supplier which guarantees the optimum matching and servicability for all situations.

AMAZONE Precision Airplanters function on the vacuum principle. This offers considerable advantages because the singling of the seeds is carried out mechanically by a stripper finger and is virtually independent of either forward speed or seed shape.

The unique feature of the AMAZONE Precision Airplanter is the singling disc. The seeds are drawn by vacuum on to the raised holes and are delivered to the stripper. These raised holes function also as an agitator as these protrusions on the surface of the disc stir the seed and, as the holes are tapered, even broken seeds will be drawn through and will not block them. The raised hole on the singling disc ensures that the seed leaves the disc in free fall so that it is not influenced by the disc as it turns thus maintaining placement accuracy.

High grade polyethylene components and varying material combinations are responsible for a superb sealing between the suction manifold and the singling disc. This pairing of dissimilar materials guarantees high life expectancy with optimum sealing.

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