- Model EDX - Precision Airplanter



The acreage of maize being grown continues to increase. In Germany, for example, in 2010, a good 2.3 million hectares of maize were sown, 10 % more than in 2009. On the other hand, depending on the location, crop rotation and seed variety, the period  for sowing is very short.

There are two reasons why the practical oriented demands for increased efficiency, reliability and operational comfort for precision air seeders continues to increase. An increase in output can only be achieved either by going to a wider working width, or to higher operational speeds whereby the technical capability at that width is almost at the limit.

Therefore, with the EDX precision air seeder AMAZONE offers new technology enabling higher operational speeds of 10 to 15 km/h. Also, thanks to additional technical innovations and more operational comfort, the set up times have been much reduced. As a result the EDX precision air seeders thus achieve work rates of about 30 to 50 % higher than with conventional precision air seeders. This not only improves the efficiency enormously but at the same time also reduces the costs of the tractor and the driver.

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