- Model C - Vegetables and Nursery Plant Transplanter



Universal transplanter for planting of vegetables and nursery plants. Simple and flexible transplanter. Wide range of optional equipment. Standard fitted with rubber disc planting wheels. Standard three-point hitch.


  • Planting wheel for bare-root plants
  • Planting wheel for strawberries
  • Ridging discs Ø450 mm
  • Fertilizer eqipment
  • Roller shares
  • Luxury seat
  • Bell marker
  • Furrow marker
  • All weather cap

Principle for planting wheel with gripper:

The gripper is opened automatically, and is closed by light manual pressure when the operator places the plant onto the gripper.  The rotation of the distributor transports the plant into the furrow previously formed by the share. The gripper then automatically releases the plant into the returning soil ahead of the pressure wheels.  The operation is finished by the V-inclined press- wheels which firm the earth around the roots to ensure efficient growth of the plant.

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