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Model Egg-Jet BAN5 - Egg Marking Machines


Stand-alone unit, Solid construction results into long lifetime, Selection switch for 1-8 Print texts, nozzle cleaning, Ink consumption variable (50% or 100%), Minimal consumption costs by refillable ink tank and changeable adapter, Proved food grade ink for egg printing, Perfect print quality by movable print-head, which adapt itself to each individual egg size. 1 and/or 2 line printing possible Many texts, fonts and logos, Different Automatic date functions Print field: height 4,2 mm, length 25 mm. Power supply: 1 x 230V, Optional Program unit, Roller belt for 3 or 6 trays (Ban 5/3 Ban5/6) Mobile support frame (Ban 5/3M – Ban 5/6M)

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