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Model Jet BAN5 - Egg Printing Systems



While preparing the machine for shipment, up to 8 different print texts are uploaded to the machine. If the customer wants to change any print text later, he needs to have Software and Communitacion Cable to be able to do that.

  • Automatic Stand Alone Printing System,
  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction Results into a long life time,
  • Selection Switch on the machine to select 1-8 print text,
  • C to clean nozzles,
  • Selectable ink consumption level (50% or 100%),
  • Tested and Approved ink suitable for eggs,
  • Each print head adjusts itself according to the egg height to provide perfect print quality,
  • 1 and/or 2 row printing capability,
  • Different texts, letter types and logos, different automatic date functions,
  • Printfield Area; Height 4,8 mm, Length 25 mm,
  • Main Supply: 90-250VAC, 50/60 Hz,
  • Capacity 40.000 egg/hour,
  • Optional;
    • Software and Communication Adapter Cable for Programming with PC/Laptop,
    • Buffer roller belt for 3 or 6 trays,
    • Stainless steel mobile frame

Note 1:

Printing machine is capable of operating in two different printing quality level of 150 DPI and 300 DPI. Each cartridge is capable of printing 400.000 eggs if you have selected 150 DPI as quality level with an average length of printtext. If you have selected 300 DPI as quality level, number of eggs you can print by using a cartridge decreases to 200.000. Total number of eggs you can print by using a cartridge depends also on the number of characters included in the printtext. Longer printtext decreases the total number of eggs printed.

Note 2:

Print heads of the machine and cartridges must be kept clean to ensure its performance.

Note 3:

Maximum print field area of the machine is 4,8 mm x 25 mm. If you want to print 2 rows of text in this area the height of each row will be 2,4 mm. By using a set of cartridges (5 pcs), as an average, 1.000.000 egg are printed.

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