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- Aftersowing and Underseeding Machine

Even when you are satisfied with the yeild on your pasture you should maintain and overseed your grassland to keep or further improve it. When you realised during analyzing your pasture that it can be improved by overseeding, then the Pneumaticstar is the ideal machine for you. Holes in the turf reduce productivity and provide space for weeds to germinate. Therefore they need to be filled up with seeds of nutritious grasses. Crops felted with rough stalked meadow grass can be rehabilitated by proper operation with the Pneumaticstar.

  • areas with wet summers:
    after the first cut, because of sufficient rainfall, during summer and up to the beginning of September
  • areas with dry summers:
    after the first cut (this should be done early), mid to end of May in order to have sufficent humidity in the soil

The PNEUMATICSTAR is also suitable for underseeding. Seeding of clover or clover/grass into grain can collect up to 100kg nitrogen/ha. Fields with cover crops are very environmentally friendly due to the good nitrogen balance.

  • improved praticability during harvest or fertilisibng
  • control of late germinating weeds
  • collection of nitrogen in Autumn, therefore good utilisation of slurry after harvesting of maize
  • improved richness of the soil
  • reduced need to utilise herbicides

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