- Electronic Data Deliverable System


The EISC Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) System product solution is a software system that facilitates the business to business transfer of electronic data deliverables.

The EISC EDD System provides the lab with the ability to create, manage, and generate EDD’s without IT staff involvement or development. With the EDD System, EDD generation becomes part of the laboratory production process flow which, in turn, can be managed and quantified with enhanced quality.

Typically, a commercial laboratory may have hundreds of different transfer formats, with the addition of new (active) transfer formats and the expiration of other formats occurring each month. Thus, the human interaction to transfer the laboratory’s result data can be quite extensive, possibly affecting the extension of the laboratory’s client account receivables.

The diversity of a laboratory’s client base contributes to the complexity of EDD transfers as the laboratory may provide data to regulatory agencies, data validation companies, engineering firms, and manufacturing plants.

So, how does the EISC EDD System work within a laboratory?

  1. The EISC EDD System is integrated to interact with an Information Management System (IMS).
  2. The EISC EDD System allows non-IT staff to design EDDs through EDD Templates where features and conditions can be applied to IMS fields. 

The EISC EDD System can dynamically create valid value sets that can be automatically reconciled and used with other EDDs.

The new EDD Template is placed into production.  The new EDD is generated and the new EDD is  validated, reviewed and edited within the lab and then sent to the client.  The validation, review, and editing of the EDD is tracked in a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) section containing instructions for processing the deliverable the next time it is requested.

In addition, this SOP section allows the lab to improve the transfer until that transfer is seamless and transparent within their lab and to their customer, allowing the lab to establish a connection with their client that enables the two companies to work as though they are one.

EDD Improvement while staying in production: 

Benefits to Lab

  • Immediate increase in current and future EDD production.
  • EDD templates are created and stored for future use.
  • Ability to distribute the EDD workload to almost anyone in the laboratory.
  • Allows the lab’s IT group to focus on their core competence.
  • Decreases the time period for accounts receivable billing.
  • Ability to send the client package & EDD together.

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