- Model 89 Series - Percussion Driver


As stated in the WorkCover and WorkSafe 2009 Legislation - All post drivers with a free falling hammer MUST be fitted with a safety screen/guards, the hammer must be fully enclosed 300mm below the lowest point of the hammer stop and 2.4m to the top of the screen from the ground. If the guard is opened the drop speed of the hammer must be restricted to a maximum 100mm/second. If the guard is removed the hammer must remain inoperable.

The Power Head 89 offers:

Heavy construction though an Overall Weight of 380kg approx (compared to other post drivers that range from 500kg and up - this makes it safer on steep slopes.

With the Power Head raised at full extension you only have 120kg of weight at full height. Compared to free fall hammers where you can have 220-400kg, this can make them very unsafe on steep slopes.

The Power Head can not be dry fired, main head requires material (post) under it to allow the head to retract up inside the main body, this then allows the head to start beating at the same time you activate the retract head lever. Once the post is in the ground at your set height, you let the levers spring into the centre. The main Power Head ram has an adjustable valve, this allows you to set different pressures on the head. With the Power Head Series, once you activate the lever you get continuous hits from 450-950bpm. The Power Head Series also comes with hands free hydraulic swing auger into the drill position, it also has hydraulic down force for those tough jobs.

  • Adjustable Down Force on Power Head
  • Continuous Hitting Power from Start to Finish
  • Custom size post guides available
  • No Greasing Required
  • Hydraulic Tilt Features:
        Sideway Tilt: East/West = 18 degrees
        For/Aft Tilt:   North/South = 12 degrees
  • Hydraulic Swing on Auger into Drill Position

OPTION 1 35 Cell

  • Power Head Impact Energy - 390 ft lbs
  • Oil Flow 20-45 lpm
  • 550 - 950 bpm

OPTION 2 50 Cell

  • Power Head Impact Energy - 680  ft lbs
  • Oil Flow 25-45 lpm
  • 450 - 750 bpm

OPTION 3 75 Cell

  • Power Head Impact Energy - 1090  ft lbs
  • Oil Flow 40-80 lpm
  • 400 - 800 bpm

OPTION 4 100 Cell

  • Power Head Impact Energy - 1390  ft lbs
  • Oil Flow 45-80 lpm
  • 400 - 800 bpm

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