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Electra Steer Vacuum Spreader



Safe and stable steering system with electronic steering, the owner does not have to worry about an inexperienced operator running the tank, as the tank automatically steers and restricts steer angle at higher speeds. Steer angle is automatically reduced with faster travel speeds, until it is completely locked at high speed road travel. Far superior to steering systems that require operator control to turn steering on and off for road travel. Steers while backing up. Precision steering greatly reduces tire wear. Crab steer mode available. If the tank is driven on the side of the slope, the operator can engage crab mode which steers the front and rear axle the same direction to steer up the slope. Proven technology from Germany

Optional Crossover Slurry/Vacuum Tank Combination

  • Hydraulic drive Magnum 600 Vacuum Pump (27GPM hydraulic flow required)
  • Triple port header slurry unload pump
    • Optional hydraulic drive available on slurry pump (27GPM hydraulic flow required)
  • In-tank mixing and volume control
  • Cast iron gate valves with stainless gate

Nuhn Vacuum Air System

  • Nuhn air system combines muffler, air cleaner, oil catch, automatic air reverse and exhaust under tank, away from operator
  • Balanced air traps for fast pumping
    • The number or size of the pump does not matter if the air system is not balanced or if there are any restrictions in air flow
  • Vacuum pressure gauge
  • Vacuum pump is portected by a two stage trap system

Optional Weight Transfer Kit

  • No weights required on front of tractor
  • Shifts weight to tractor's front axle from rear axle
  • Results in a much smoother ride

Electric Steering

  • Easy for operator to control
  • Unlike other hydraulic steering tanks on the market, the Nuhn system does not need to be turned on or off while driving down the road
  • Steering angle is controlled according to travelling speed

Additional Standard Features

  • Brakes on all 6 wheels
  • In tank agitation on Crossover models
  • Volume control feature allows for additional attachments and a low spread pattern


  • Top Load tank designs available
  • Available in single tank configuerations only
  • 6,350 US GAL and 7,350 US GAL capacities
  • 8,500 US GAL and 9,500 US GAL capacities coming soon!

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