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Electric Heat Pad for Piggery


EMAIL: SKYPE: elena.forbes11 Electric heat pad is an economical cold-defending tool for lactational animals, such as pigs, sheep, dogs and rabbits, etc. It has electric heating elements inside and high-quality rubber or FRP with moderate hardness outside, making a comfort, safe and healthful condition to ensure a high survival rate.

Features of Electric Heat Pad for Lactation Piglets
1. Good thermal conductivity, short time heating-up and even temperature distribution, completely suitable for piglets ventral temp.
2. Made of pore-free material, anti-corrosion and easy to do clean and thorough clean and sterilization.
3. Low power consumption and much more heat efficiency than infrared lamp and far-infrared electric heater.
4. Equipped with switch to control temp; single-phase ac (alternating current) 220V, 50HZ.
5. Simple maintenance, available for reuse.

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