Electric Hose Reels



The primary purpose of the reel is the smooth unrolling and firm rewind action of the hose. The various hose reel designs all contribute to working conditions improvement in respect of spraying and watering activities. It is common knowledge that dragging and pulling spray and water hoses are essentially unpleasant and time-consuming tasks. Berg Hortimotive electric hose reel eliminates this problem. Due to magnetic couplings releasing the hose drum in a free rotation, unreeling the hose is no longer a traumatic experience.

At the mere push of a remote control button the hose reels itself in. Berg Hortimotive recommends the optional hose guide should the hose length exceed 50 meters.

The hose guide reduces wear and tear hose effects and allows the fitting of additional onto the reel. The mechanical variator regulates a gradual speed control of the drum for convenience in constant rewind speed requirements. The speed control adjusts the drum speed despite the increase in the drum’s diameter on rewinding. Speed control means spraying your crops in a far more accurate and precise manner.

The hose reels are available in the standard 24V, 230V and 400V. For spray applications (hose 3/8” or ½”), the ¾” width is generally sufficient. The 1” width is customarily more suited for watering applications (hose 1”). The ability to block the hose reel on a path thereby preventing the hose but enabling the reeling drum to move left and right, serves as an ideal feature for small paths, for example in the case of lettuce-crops or flowerbeds. On application to concrete surfaces, the hose reel is equipped with two pneumatic tyres and two swivel wheels, one of which determines direction.

In the event of softer surfaces, Berg Hortimotive recommends three pneumatic tyres. The hose reels may also be mounted on the Berg Hortimotive spray units and pipe rail carts.

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