Electricals Panels for Livestock House Climate and Production Controllers



An electrical panel is the centre of the electrical installation in a poultry house. The panel is the terminal point for all the cables that transmit signals, distribute power to the fan motors, feeder lines, etc. The panel contains motor starters, battery backup systems, fuses and relays, as well as the ACS climate and production controller and other auxiliary electrical equipment. Generally speaking, the panel is the “control room” from which all functions can be monitored.

DACS builds panels for climate- and production controllers, motor protectors, switches and other electrical components, so that the customer receive a panel that just needs to be connected to the electrical installation in the building. All components in the board are connected and tested before the board leaves DACS.

Easy and accessible installation

The panel, which is delivered with a complete electrical documentation, observes current European norms and guarantees an easy and accessible installation with full documentation of all connections in the board. On subsequent maintenance it is a considerable saving and a strongly improved security for both staff and production that you can control and test the motors and other electrical equipment from the board and thereby localize and isolate possible defect units, so that the rest of the system can be started immediately.

With more than 20 years of experience building panels we guarantee that our board is an investment that is very rapidly earned back in the shape of lower expenses for installation and maintenance. In addition you get a hygienic, well-arranged and professional solution giving optimum protection of the vital control systems and electrical components for as long as the system exists.

For bigger projects our electricians often produce boards specifically adjusted for the customers' needs.

All internal wiring in place

The advantage you get from installing a panel is that you only have to run cables from the panel to the equipment in the house - ventilators, heaters etc. All internal wiring in the panel has been done by professionals here at DACS, so you just need to run the cables and connect.

This saves you the time consuming task of connecting internal signal transmission cables, installing power supplies and backup systems, and it greatly simplifies the installation work and increases the level of electrical safety and equipment protection.

Everything is documented

The panel offers a high degree of safety and facilitates service jobs on any part of the electrical installation. All components in the panels manufactured by DACS are documented and carefully described in the complete set of documents that comes with the panel. In this set of documents you also have a complete list of the types of cables that should be used for the complete wiring between panel and equipment in the house, and where to connect the cables.

In other words, you get a panel and a detailed set of information that will enable any skilled electrician to complete the electrical installation swiftly and professionally and it takes your entire installation to a higher level of quality. A panel from DACS has been designed and tested according to European standards. No panels leave our workshop without thorough testing.

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