Electro Chemical Activated (ECA) Solution


Electro Chemical Activated water kills micro-organisms in a short contact time. Slime, algae, fungus, and plant pathogens are removed from water systems by adding a relative small percentage of ECA Solution to the irrigation water. In addition, root and fungus diseases in the substrate are removed with ECA Solution. If added to vase water the life of cut flowers is prolonged. ECA Solution is non toxic, environmentally friendly and biological farmers are allowed to use it freely. To download more information about ECA Solution, click on: ECA Solution leaflet.

UT produces ECA units with machines having different capacities from 8 up to 200 litters 100% pure Electrolyzed water per hour. When used in a solution of 1a2‰ (horticulture greenhouse irrigation disinfection) this means that one machine can clean 90.000 Litre up till 2.200.000 Litre irrigation water a day.

ECA Solution is produced on location by electrolysis from normal water with a small addition of kitchen salt or KCL. ECA Solution is therefore 100% free of chemicals, environmentally friendly, and degenerates after a short period into non-toxic, non-chemical and non-synthetic, little salty water. Therefore it is the Solution for biological farmers and growers. To download extended information about ECA Solution its production method and its working principles, click the links on the right!

Electrolyzed water has proven to be useful in different application fields. It has been used in the medical sector for years to create bacterial free water. It has also proven to be useful to remove slime, algae, fungus, and plant pathogens from lines, tanks and drippers or to disinfect storage facilities or wooden boxes. In the past years different studies by different organizations are done about the effectiveness of electrolyzed water in different application fields. In the following article a study is described in which the effectiveness of electrolyzed water in killing bacteria’s on the surface of tomato’s is described. This study is carried out by the University of Santiago de Compostella, Spain. Click on the link to download the article.

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