G. Cavarzan

- Model TF - Chopping-Mixing Wagon


At G.CAVARZAN each project is developed with the greatest engagement and creativity in order to exploit at the best all the potentialities. The ability to incorporate the requirements of the customers, creating with them the right collaboration, has allowed us to achieve important results.  The result of these researches, and personal inclinations, in order to obtain a mix between components of superior class allows us to introduce today the new system to make “Unifeed”.

The innovative G.CAVARZAN chopping-mixing wagon has the ability to mix the various long fibre, pellets, flakes or farinaceous products in a soft, homogeneous, aerated and structurally unexceptionable result. The unparalleled equilibrium of the products allows to have the animal assume also less appetizing products but indispensable for a complete feeding and proper ruminant activity increasing significantly the production of milk and meat.


  • Exact balancing and reproduction of the formula
  • Wide range of usable foods The animal cannot choose single components
  • Minor waste


  • Lactation curve more constant in time
  • Improved production of milk
  • Major fat content in milk
  • Improved meat production
  • Better exploitation of productive potentialities


  • Reduction of the mastitis
  • Reduction of the podal infections
  • Reduction of the metabolic disorder


  • Balanced ruminal PH, constant and high
  • Major ingestion of dry substance
  • Major assimilation of the nutrition principles


  • Unique daily distribution
  • Better control of the animals
  • Less competition in the manger
  • Calmer herd
  • Less hard work

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