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The PONSSE Elephant forwarder carries your loads with unprecedented speed and transport efficiency. The torque and tractive force of this powerhouse with an 18-tonne carrying capacity have been designed for extremely demanding purposes and conditions.

me macmnes superior perrormance becomes particularly evident on steep slopes, thick snow, and when the forwarding distances are long.
Its excellent movement, 6.25 m2 load space, efficient drive transmission and powerful loader ensure that loads will be transported to roadside quickly and surely -regardless of the working site location. One of the superior features of the PONSSE Elephant forwarder is its unrivalled engine power. It is able to achieve the same or higher engine and hydraulic power at lower rpm than most forwarders in its class. This means, among other things, cost savings through better fuel economy, less noise and more comfortable working conditions. The superior hydraulic power of the PONSSE Elephant forwarder also makes loader operation extremely fast and smooth.

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