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- Model 9/1, 9/1.8, 9/2.5 RM - 2-inch Motors offer Optimal Solutions



To provide an optimal solution for awnings and shutters of small to mid-range dimensions, Elero developed two series of 2-inch diameter motors that combine ideal rotation speed with the best suited lift capacity. The mid-range series are offered in three torque ratings: 10 Nm, 18 Nm and 25 Nm. Based on nearly 50 years of experience in building motors for the shutter and awning markets, Elero designed these mid-range series for operating speeds of 16 rpm for the 10 and 18 Nm motors and 12 rpm for the 25 Nm motors. All three models are available as standard with mechanical limits, as well as in a manual override (MO) version. Elero /Tec™ technology featuring electronic limit setting and RF control is also offered on the non-MO versions.

Important design features have earned Elero shutter and awning motors renown for their endurance in rough weather conditions. They include as standard fully encapsulated motor coils that form extra protection layers against moisture penetration. They also offer a temperature shield and provide a protective shock absorber. Other unique quality features are conical brake shoes for lifetime positive traction and triple planetary gearing for smooth and effective power transmission. /Tec™ technology offers great versatility in organizing and operating multiple systems selectively and in groups.

  • 159-221 lb. lift from barrel
  • 20' nominal length
  • 21-turn limit range (36-48 turns for /Tec)
  • 10-25 Newton meters
  • 12-16 rpm
  • 200 watts
  • 1.8 amps

  • Compact, powerful 2' tubular motor
  • Torque rating of 10-25 Nm with lift of 88-221 inch-pounds
  • Fully encapsulated, shock resistant motor coil, high moisture resistance and fire protection ratings
  • Extensive range of crown and drive adaptors
  • Fully compatible with all Elero-Matic low voltage communication and control system
  • Easy limit setting

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