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- Model ESS-1655HD2 - Mid-Sized Rendering Centrifuge



Whether you are working toward maximizing product recovery or looking to get the most out of your “zero-discharge” closed-loop system, Elgin’s field proven solid / liquid separation and dewatering centrifuges are a perfect choice.  With over 550 units installed worldwide, Elgin introduces its newest member to its line-up of high-quality, centrifuges, the ESS-1655HD.

Elgin’s ESS-1655HD is fitted with a NEMA premium, continuous duty, energy-efficient, poly-chain driven, 60 hp main drive and a direct-coupled 20 hp back-drive. All ESS-1655HD explosion proof motors used by Elgin are suitable for applications requiring UL or CSA certification for hazardous locations.
The 60 hp main drive can operate the centrifuge up to 3,400 rpm, therefore generating more than 2,300 G’s of force. Using an inclined motor mount, motor and belt maintenance is made easy by the adjustment of two jack screws. No additional motor mounts, brackets or tensioning devices are required.
By utilizing a carbon fiber poly-chain, no belt re-tensioning is required after installation is complete. The carbon fiber tensile cords are length-stable and can withstand shock loads that frequently lead to belt failure. The poly-chain’s polyurethane body withstands harsh environments and the nylon fabric teeth resist wear. More importantly, Elgin’s carbon fiber poly-chain will not require quarterly replacement and can last years before a new belt is required. Since the poly-chain operates with a positive tooth/groove engagement, there is no start-up or operational slippage. By eliminating the potential for slippage, the use of a poly-chain actually reduces the energy consumption consumed.
The 20 hp back-drive coupled with a 56:1 planetary gearbox generates an industry-leading speed differential, which ultimately translates into a larger performance window. This performance window is what grants the ESS-1655HD maximum flexibility when managing the cut-point and the moisture content of discharged solids.


Elgin’s ESS-1655HD centrifuge uses six specially-designed, stainless steel, epicentric liquid-end discharge ports. Held in place by retaining rings, each port can be rotated to the desired setting therefore allowing the operator to make efficient changes in pool depth by simply loosening the set screws. No fasteners need to be removed from the epicentric ports, therefore eliminating the chance of misplacement or inadvertent damage. By using six epicentric ports, the ESS-1655HD can manage a hydraulic load up to 300 gallons per minute.


The ESS-1655HD utilizes a 360 degree discharge port arrangement that ensures smooth directed discharge of the solids. By using four, “wide-mouth,” tungsten carbide discharge ports and plows, the ESS-1655HD is capable of handling large volumes of erosive solids without damaging the centrifuge. Each solids discharge port maintains an open surface area of 10.6” (6.84 cm2) for a total open surface area close to 85” (546 cm2). This industry leading open surface area allows Elgin’s ESS-1655HD the ability to handle large volumes of solids without detrimentally impacting performance.


The ESS-1655HD’s stainless steel rotating assembly is 16” in diameter and 55” in length. By using a length over diameter ratio of 3.4, Elgin achieves an extremely stable centrifuge, even at maximum rotational speed.

The rotating assembly is given further stability by the use of two premium bearings. Both bearings are installed in precision-machined pillow blocks. Equipped with externally accessible grease ports, daily greasing can be performed without the removal of machine guards.

This same consideration was given to the internal flites. The internal flights are lined with tungsten carbide tiles along their entire length of both the clarification and the tapered section, extending the ESS-1655HD’s ability to manage erosive solids.

To protect the upper cover from the radial discharge of solids, a 180 degree radial, protective deflector plate has been incorporated into the upper stainless steel centrifuge lid.


The stainless steel top cover incorporates a counter-balanced, powerassist lifting mechanism therefore making access safe and ergonomic. By installing heavy-duty spring-loaded hinges, the top-cover can easily be opened by a single operator. By using retractable C-clamps, the top cover can be opened without disassembly the clamps from the centrifuge.

All rotating parts are fully protected by OSHA-compliant operator guards.

In addition, several key safety devices are incorporated into the centrifuge, including:

  • Drive-bearing thermal couple interlock
  • Top cover interlock
  • Vibration sensor interlock
  • Motor amperage and torque overload sensor interlocks


Elgin’s ESS-1655HD is available in two configurations. Operators can choose the more affordable mechanical variable configuration with a fixed speed main drive and fixed speed gear box, or operators can select a centrifuge with fully variable main drive and back drive.

The fully variable main drive and back drive is achieved by an innovative back-drive adapter that easily converts the ESS-1655HD MVD into a ESS-1655HD FVFD. By simply adding a VFD control system, the ESS-1655HD will have all of the capabilities found in the industry’s most sophisticated and VFD controlled centrifuges.


To ensure maximum operator flexibility, Elgin has invested in the development of a proprietary touch-screen VFD control system designed. Each stainless steel, NEMA 4X panel is built from the ground up using the most sophisticated electrical components and Yaskawa™ A1000 variable frequency drives. Elgin’s VFD systems include a variety of enhanced features including, internal lighting, ventilation and heating, Ethernet porting for diagnostics and programming updates, and a custom designed user interface that allows for maximum operating flexibility and control. Elgin’s proprietary user interface provides complete control of all systems, as well as, a sophisticated set of diagnostic tools, information libraries and read-only fault logs. Class 1 / Division 1 explosion proof panels available with air conditioning and purgedair protection systems are also available.

  • Food Rendering, Petrochemical,
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling,
  • Industrial Wastewater, Oil & Gas

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