- Model NM 10500 Delta - Double Mower Conditioners



The ELHO Arrow 10500 Delta mower conditioner together with an Arrow 3700 Front mower conditioner is an unbeatable combination. Both in work efficiency and driving comfort. The machine has adjustable working width from 9.4 m to 10.5 m and it needs to be, for example when driving in curves, for the overlapping to work. But the driver dos not need to worry about this! ELHO Opus control along with a GPS takes care of it all! Additionally, the Opus control is easy to set up so that the driver get the settings to his own taste. For example, when driving in curves the Opus controller handle it so that the left or right mower unit is drawn in depending on which way the curve bends. When you come to the headland press a button and the front mower conditioner is lifted and the GPS ensures that the rear mower units are lifted at the right moment. And vice versa when you go in the grass again. Extremely easy to use!

The Arrow NM 10500 Delta has AutoBalance (Automatic HydroBalance) suspension of the mower units -the units are carried by the system all the time. Also the AutoBalance settings can be adjusted from the ELHO Opus control. Could it be simpler?

Safety: Carefully chosen parts of the machine has sensors connected to the ELHO Opus contol unit. For example if a gearbox heats up, at once the Opus controller gives a varning. The 10500 Delta has high class safety to prevent damages.

With the ELHO Arrow NM 10500 Delta even large areas are quickly cut and the drying is fast thanks to the test winning conditioner units. 

  • The Arrow 10500 Delta is also available as a dics mower without conditioner unit - ELHO Arrow NK 10500 Delta.
  • The ELHOn Arrow NM 10500 Delta is designed so that the ELHO V-Twin 750 swather can unite three swaths into one big swath.
  • The mower units are equipped with a cylinder at the end of the supporting bar so that the machine can pull in one of the side units, for example, when driving in a curve.
  • The GPS receiver is placed in the same line as the cutting knifes. In this way the ELHO Opus control will lift the rear units at the right time regardless of driving speed.

The ELHO Opus control unit ensures comfort of top class!
It´s easy to understand how it works and easy to set or change even during mowing.

  • press a button to go to or from transport position
  • press a button and the left, right, both or all mower units are lifted. Extremely useful, for example, when you have mowed almost the whole field and the entire working width is not needed. 

The ELHOs very well working HydroBalance suspension system does not help if the setting is wrong! Therefore, we developed the Auto Balance system!
Auto Balance works so that the suspension system is automatically adjusted depending on the mowing conditions. To the HydroBalance system has been added sensors that constantly monitor the mower units downforce. And, if needed, of course automatically adjust the suspension preasure!

  • Working width, cm 940-1050
  • Transport width, cm 320
  • HydroBalance suspension standard
  • Number of mowing discs, pcs 18
  • Rotation speed of mowing discs, rpm 3100
  • 'VOA, rpm 1000
  • Conditioner rotor width, mm 2 x 2164
  • Conditioner rotor; round forged steel fingers,
  • Counter bar standard
  • Hydraulic pressure, min-max bar 180-210
  • Tractor power take-off min/max, kW *) 200-250
  • Power need, approx. kW *)
  • Recommended tractor size
  • Tractor connection 3P Kat.3
  • Total weight, approx. kg 2900

*) The size of the recommended tractor also depends on the conditions, growth, and environment.

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