- Model DC 2100 - Double Chopper



An ELHO DC 2100 is a functional and low-priced option for forage harvesting. The new ELHO double chopper DC 2100 has a very solid frame with great torsional rigidity which prevents bending in the long run and maintains the knife ratios. The machine picks all forage from the swath precisely and the conveyor screw feeds it steadily to the chopper. A curved chamber that opens backwards and the adjustable plate in front of the conveyor screw guarantee that the DC 2100 also functions with wet forage. The lateral shift of the towing hook of the trailer is mechanical, easily managed electric remote control and great oscillation of the tower ensure that the trailer is filled very easily.

The knife, cutting with its side edge, cuts even flattened growth with precision. Thanks to their shape, the knives do not create the suction known to occur with a mower chopper, thus resulting in clean forrage. The DC 2100 produces plenty of short, uniform forage that animals like to eat. On smaller fields the DC 2100 functions as a good substitute for a mower conditioner. The back of the chamber is opened and the forage is put to a swath.

Knives in good condition reduce the power needs for the chopper and increases the harvesting effect. In addition, this results in forage of uniform quality. The DC 2100 comes as standard with 8 chopping knives, 2, 4 or 8 knives can be used on the chopping wheel.

The DC 2100 produces large quantities of forage and this has been taken into account in its structure. The DC 2100 follows the tractor in steep turns and together with the tower blowing to the centre of the trailer enables forage harvesting even in windy conditions, utilising the whole capacity of the trailer. The outblow tower is controlled by an electric control which makes is very easy to use.

ELHO DC 2100 double chopper - an affordable way to produce clean forrage also from big fields!

  • Working width, m 2,1
  • Transport width, m 2,8
  • Number of knives rotor, 48
  • Number of chopper knives, pcs standard 8. 2, 4 or 8 can be used
  • Wattage approx., hp 80
  • Control electric remote Control as standard
  • Tyre size 26x12.00-12, (2 pcs as std.

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