- Model 1520 M - Trailed Silage Bale Wrappers



The ELHO Sideliner 1520 M is a low-priced and reliable basic bale wrapper equipped with a cable controller. A monitor, cutter and improved satellite wrapping make the 1520 M an excellent machine. ELHO has already manufactured thousands of Sideliner 1520 bale wrappers and the success story continues.

The wrapping tables for the machines are sturdy and equipped with three chain-driven support rollers with a total of nine non-skid devices. The wrapping table is articulated directly to the frame which provides low clearance for loading, dropping and wrapping. Due to their low centre of gravity the machines are also stable on slopes. The structure of the articulated, patented loading fork ensures that the bale is directed to the centre of the wrapping table in exactly the correct place and position. The weight is distributed on both wheels and the tractor during the loading stage.

Four end support rolls keep the bale in place at the sides as well. In addition, low tipping height for the bale reduces bale strain and a sturdy drop mat reduces the risk of damage to wrapped bales especially on rough ground.

Top quality silage requires a tight plastic layer. Thanks to hydraulic synchronisation, the wrapping arm and hydraulic motor of the table always receive the same amount of oil, and overlapping stays even. The preliminary clamp is used to wrap the plastic tightly around the bale, ensuring top quality silage. The hydraulic plastic cutter collects the plastic and ensures a good cut and hold to start work on the next bale.

  • Control cable
  • Total length, m 4,2
  • Width, m 2,5
  • Height, m 2,7
  • Bale diameter, m 1,0-1,5
  • Oil flow l/min, min/max, 150 bar 20 - 60
  • Pre-stretcher Alu, pcs x plastic width mm 1 x750
  • Bale fork lifting power kg, 150 bar (with one lift cylinder) 1000
  • Tyre size 26,00x12.00-12
  • Weight, approx. kg 790

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