Shutts Farm Machinery

- Model Arrow 3200 - Mower Conditioners



This machine is powerful, has good handling and features ELHO's PCS (Pendulum Centre System) suspension. The front mower conditioner allows the cutter bar to follow the field surface freely and avoid obstacles – a conditioner cannot get any better than this. When combined with the ELHO NM 800 Delta, even large sections can be easily covered.

  • Working width - 320cm
  • Transport width - 300cm
  • HydroBalance suspension - standard
  • Number of mowing discs - 8
  • Rotation speed of discs - 3100rpm
  • Conditioning rotor width - 2505mm
  • Swath width, approx. - 700-1400mm
  • Total weight, approx. - 1100kg

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