- Model NK Series - Mower Conditioners


The ELHO form shaped, sandwich type cutting discs are extremely strong. The whole stone guard is made of hardened steel and three-point mounted, also into the reinforced supporting bar at the back. The large distance between the disc bearings makes the cutterbar very durable. The ELHO 280P Hydro Balance passed the two-year DLG test completely without damage.

On all the ELHO towed mower conditioners the draw bar is equipped with a built-in damping unit. The damping unit radically reduces the load that the machine is exposed to.

Ultimate suspension system : The Hydro Balance suspending system, developed and patented by ELHO, the energy in the stored nitrogen-gas lightens up the front of the mower conditioner through a
hydraulic cylinder. In the DLG test 4970 the Hydro Balance is graded as ”very good”.

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