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- Electronic Identification Calve Feeder



The ELID (Electronic Identification) feeder is a high quality machine designed for feeding a single group of calves up to a batch size of 30. Each calf has an ear tag fitted to identity the animal to the machine. The design and operation of the machine gives young animals a natural method of feeding.

Each calf is given a computer ID number between 1 and 30.

The amount of milk that the machine mixes per feed can be set between 250ml and 500ml. The user then decides how many times a day that each calf receives that size of feed. This is between 1 and 16 feeds in any 24hour day and the computer divides 24 hours equally by the number of feeds.

For example, the feeder is set to mix 500ml per feed and the calf is set to access 12 feeds per day. This will allow the calf to consume 6 litres per day, which is one feed every 2 hours. If a calf misses a feed out, the machine will carry the feed over into the next time period.

But the computer will not allow the calf have more than 4 feeds (2 litres) at any one visit.

Each calf will receive the set number of feeds at the same temperature and consistency spread evenly throughout the day.

Feeds quantities can be adjusted on a calf by calf or whole batch basis.
The computer display shows the calf’s computer ID number, how many feeds are set, how many feeds it drank yesterday, what has been drunk today so far and what it has outstanding. The number of feeds a calf has outstanding can be used as a health monitor to pick up on loss of appetite hours before any clinical signs of illness are visible.

The ELID computer has a Build up and Auto Wean function built in. Build up or New Calf function is designed to gradually build the calf up to the required amount of feeds. The operator selects the individual calf’s number and selects the New option, then enters the total amount of daily feeds the calf will end up on. The computer halves that number and then increases it by one feed a day until the set amount is reached.

The Auto Wean works the same in reverse. Once the operator in confident that the individual calf is ready to be weaned, it can be moved on to the Wean programme. The operator enters the calf’s number, selects Wean, and then enters the number of feeds that the computer should count down from. The ELID will then reduce the daily feed amount by one each day until it gets to one feed per day.

The machine is fitted with high temperature water protection. If the water temperature were to exceed 60°C it would cut out until it cools down.
This system will reduce feeding time by around 90% compared to bucket rearing systems.


  •  Feeds up to 30 calves,
  • Each calf wears a transponder ear tag, 25 included with machine.
  • 20kg powder hopper.
  • 20ltr water tank with 2000w water heater, controlled by an adjustable thermostat.
  • Single metal feed station with ear tag reader.
  • Quantity per day can be set per calf.
  • Computer display shows how much each calf drank today, yesterday and how much it has outstanding.
  • Auto Wean and Build up functions offer the ability to set the machine to increase or decrease feeds automatically.
  • Rinse facility and removable mixing bowl for easy cleaning.
  • Guard grill in hopper
  • Thermo trip protection

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