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As a direct response to customer requirements, Mace Industries was pleased to announce a new product on the market specifically designed for use in the farming industry. Called the Eliveyor this is a bespoke product designed to meet a specific need in the handling of grains. The Eliveyor is designed to convey grains and pulses more efficiently and with less damage than other means of transport, such as an augur. Mace Industries understood the importance of ensuring that such delicate material is not damaged unnecessarily and split when being conveyed, and this was the overriding design requirement that had to be met.

This efficient machine is powered by a three-phase 110-volt electric motor and works as a tube conveyor; loading is via a large hopper. It is simple to erect and can be up and running within four minutes. The Eliveyor is light in weight (120 kg) and is easy to transport, needing only two workers to manoeuvre the machine. Customers also appreciate the fact the Eliveyor is clean and tidy to use and store. Overall, the simple and lightweight design makes life easier in the workplace and increases efficiency.

Having been designed for a specific need following a customer enquiry, Mace Industries take pride in this product. It represents what Mace Industries stands for – positively responding to customer need with a bespoke product; producing a machine that is flexible and easy to handle; taking into account specific industry needs such as in this case the prevention of damage to seeds and grain.

For those in the agricultural industry that have to move grain into storage or into a vehicle with the minimum of damage to the precious cargo the Eliveyor proves ideal. The workplace can also be more efficient, cleaner, tidier and safer. All in all this lightweight, high-capacity machine presents a great solution in many ways.

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