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Endurance Equipment, LLC offers individual components or complete systems for Whole Log Chipping. From unloading trucks as they enter the yard to conveying the processed products to their destination, Endurance has the expertise to complete the task. Complete system integration insures that all material transfers are designed for maximum productivity and durability.

The Endurance Crane Line is the fastest, most cost efficient way to unload trucks and feed the mill. A sloped Chute or Horizontal Feed System can be used to load the Debarker. Our 'Less Lifter' Rubber Tire Supported Drum Assembly debarks stems or waste materials efficiently with minimal fiber damage. Endurance's proprietary cylindrical conveyor trough design conveys materials from the drum to the chipper without jamming or wedging. Multiple strands of chain with aggressive lug designs keep material slippage to a minimum and provide a consistent flow to the chipper.

Chipping surges are dissipated so that screen capacity may be fully utilized. Waste material is collected and processed with minimal transfer points to reduce spillage. Various storage and loading arrangements are available to suit the application.

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