- Horizontal Feed Systems


Endurance Equipment's proprietary chainbed and cylindrical trough design conveys materials of varying lengths and diameters effectively into Drum Debarkers horizontally. A sloped transition plate at the drum infeed point supports stems and reduces breakage. Superior debarking is achieved by keeping the stems horizontal throughout the debarking process. Because of its low infeed height, it is possible to feed the debarking system with mobile equipment as well as with cranes. A covered infeed section acts as as extension to the drum allowing stems to rotate and start the debarking process prior to entering the Drum shell, while guarding and containing the infeed area and reducing the possibility of short or broken blocks being ejected. 25% to 35% higher production rates can be expected through the same size drum with a Horizontal Feed in lieu of a Feed Chute. Barking efficiency is increased due to the stems maintaining horizontal position.

Our proprietary Bed Plate Design aggressively moves stems into the Drum while protecting the chain from side impacts and damage. Auto-tensioning on the chains is standard to lengthen chain life and reduce maintenance.

Horizontal Feed technology can be easily retrofitted into existing chute fed systems to enhance your processing equipment's performance.

With over 30 systems sold, Endurance's Horizontal Feed Systems have proven the technology is available to provide the flexible Mill that owners need to meet their production goals.

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