- Model PSI - Foam For Pressurized Systems



Enduron PSI is formulated to maximize marking foam performance in pressurized marker systems. It generates greater volumes of heat stable marking foam under a wider range of operating pressures. Enduron's high expansion formulation produces large volumes of thick, long-lasting foam that allows applicators to drop more foam at higher operating pressures and application speeds. In side-by-side field tests, Enduron PSI has outlasted competitive marking foams by over twice as long.

  • Unique formulation developed specifically for pressurized systems
  • High expansion formulation generates greater volumes of foam
  • Produces thicker dollops under a wide range of operating pressures
  • Resists splattering caused by higher operating pressures
  • Superior longevity under extreme conditions
  • Outlasts ordinary synthetic marking foams by over twice as long
  • Dye tolerant
  • Easy to store
  • Freeze/thaw stable

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