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- Model VB-RH63 - Vertical Automatic Rice Husk Baler



The Enerpat VB-RH63 vertical rice husk baler is the most successful vertical baler for compacting rice husk into desnity bales.we tested the baler for many times,when the top ram pressing froce set as 63 tons,the bale size is 1100 for width and 700mm for deepth,the bale weight is 220kgs.

Power Pack

  • Pump: Rated Displacement: 80ml/r
  • Motor: Rated Power :18.5kw

Main Technical Specification:

  • Press Chamber: 1100×700×1100mm
  • Bale Size: 1100×700mm
  • Bale Weight: 220kgs
  • Press Force: 63 tons
  • Power Supply: 415V/25/16A
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • Noise Level: 68-70db


  • Overall Length: 2200mm
  • Overall Width: 1460mm
  • Overall Height: 4080mm
  • Shipping Weight: 3000kgs
  • Container Loading: 1×20'Gp

Service Capacities

  • Oil Tank: 300 Liter
  • Hydraulic Oil: U.S Mobil D.T.E46

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