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Resistant starch (RS) is starch that is digested more slowly. As a result, RS does not have the same caloric load as readily digestible starch, nor does it cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels after a meal. Instead, it has a more controlled glucose release over 5-7 hours after digestion. RS also enhances digestive health by promoting beneficial cell growth, reducing inflammation, and supporting immune responses. Increased levels of dietary RS will have a broad set of positive impacts on human health. In particular, research has linked RS to improved insulin sensitivity, lower blood glucose levels and increased satiety, benefitting people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity. Moderate levels of RS are found in legumes, but not in the most commonly consumed grains such as wheat and rice.

Using an advanced non-GM breeding tool called TILLING, Arcadia has developed wheat lines with increased levels of resistant starch. In tests carried out by a major consumer products company, bread made with 50% of Arcadia’s RS wheat had significantly higher levels of total dietary fiber (TDF) compared to bread made with conventional wheat.

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