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Available nutrients are crucial to a plant while it is fruiting or recovering from stress. Unfortunately, by this time, the fertilizer you applied early in the season has been used up, tied up, or leached off and the soil is depleted. These are the exact times that your crop needs Enhance. Enhance is a highly effective way to quickly deliver essential nutrients that are immediately taken directly into the plant through the cell wall.


Enhance is a scientifically designed foliar fertilizer meaning that the form and amount of each ingredient has been specifically developed to provide the greatest response when used at the proper time. For most crops, the best application time is when the plant is recovering from stress or when the plant is leaving the vegetative state and entering the reproductive state. By providing the proper form of vital nutrients at these critical times Enhance provides the greatest possibility for yield increase.

We’ve all seen athletes eat an energy bar before a run or drink a protein shake after training. These athletes know that they need to provide their body with proper nutrients at the proper time to reach their highest performance. Your crop is the same—it needs the proper nutrients at the proper time to reach its greatest yield potential. Enhance is the “energy bar” for your crop.

  • Enhance provides immediate feeding during critical growth stages.
  • Excellent damage control/recovery after stress situations (hail, wind, chemical drift, first cutting).
  • Enhance helps you avoid tie-up and leaching and compensates for deficient soils.
  • Enhance includes humic acid and kelp extract allowing more nutrients to enter and translocate in the plant.
  • Enhance provides nutrients to your crops that may otherwise be unavailable.
  • Compatible with most pesticides.
  • Enhance encourages root development.
  • Enhance can be applied with glyphosate.

Enhance can be used in all situations that require the highest quality foliar nutrient. Some examples are:

  • Alfalfa—Enhance provides normally tied-up nutrients to the plant at cool temperatures. Additionally, Enhance helps minimize plant stress when applied after cutting.
  • Potatoes—In addition to an initial application at tuber initiation, mid to late season applications of Enhance can increase bulking by providing phosphate at critical times. Stress damage can be minimized as well as faster plant recovery when Enhance is applied after hail or other stressful events.
  • Wheat and Barley—Applying Enhance at dormancy break or combining Enhance with an herbicide application will provide phosphate at cool temperatures necessary for growth and to fill the grain head.
  • Soybeans—Enhance applied at V4 to V6 to provide the plant nutrients to overcome the stress of setting pods. Multiple applications can be very beneficial.
  • Vegetables—Enhance applied at 2-4 qts per acre as show a yield increase on most vegetable crops.

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