- Model Pull type V rake - Easy Rake Superstar


The Easy Rake Superstar is the largest model of our V-Rake Pull-Type line. Designed to meet the needs of today’s hay producers, these high-capacity rakes are available in 16,18, and 20 wheel configurations, with the 20 wheels having a working width of up to 11.40 meters (37’5”).

Easy and innovative folding system allows the operator to work with one side only.  Individual floating rake wheels provide consistent ground pressure as they follow the terrain for clean, positive raking while reducing tine wear and protecting crop stubble.  Large 60” wheels with 7.5mm tines are standard on 16, 18 & 20 wheel units. The heavier tines are rigid enough to allow the units to work well in corn stalks and alfalfa. The windrow width is changed by a simple bushing system allowing for quick in-field adjustments. A walking tandem wheel configuration is standard on all models. In the 18 and 20-wheel versions the side frames hinge to allow the rake to float and adapt to the terrain.

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