- Bivalent Enterotoxemia Vaccine



ENTDOLL is a bivalent toxoid vaccine consist of Cl. perfringens type C and CI. perfringens type D strains which are inactivated by formaline and adsorbed onto aluminium hydroxide.

Indications : ENTDOLL is used for the active immunization of sheep and goats against enterotoxemia (struck, pulpy kidney and lamb dysentery)

Contraindications: Infected animals and animals in the incubation period should not be vaccinated

Composition per dose: Minumum antitoxin values obtained in blood sera of rabbits per vaccine dose.

Cl perfringens type C, β toxoid  :  2,5 IU antitoxin/ml rabbit serum

Cl perfringens type D, ε toxoid   : 2,5 IU antitoxin/ml rabbit serum

Target Species: Sheep and goats, lambs and kids

Administration and dosage: ENTDOLL should be given by subcuteneously behind the scapulae. All sheep and goats from 3 weeks of ages and those are not previously vaccinated before should be administered twice by an interval of 21 days and the vaccination should be completed before the risky period.

Storage : Store in a cool place (2º C – 8º C). Do not freeze. Protect from light.

Destruction conditions: All used bottles  should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements of  Medicinal Wastes Control Legislation.

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