- Dry Powder



This dry, powder meal is used as a source of crude protein and fat for inclusion in animal feed for fish, poultry and pets. It contains 60-65% protein and 10-15% natural oils. Enterra Meal is a direct, sustainable alternative to fishmeal.

EnterraMeal has the folio wing characteristics:

  • An ideal source of digestible amino acids for fish and poultry
  • The protein component is an excellent source of essential amino acids,comparing favorably to less sustainable animal-derived ngredients such as poultry by-product meal andfishmeal
  • Pleasant odour
  • Granular and flowable
  • Long shelf-life (12+ months) with no additives
  • To ensure meal products adhere to high quality and safety standards
  • specified in CFIA, FDA, and EU regulatory regimes, production lots are routinely analyzed for  heavy metals,  mycotoxins,  PCBs,  dioxins,  E.coll, Salmonella, and total microbial load

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