- Model LL84 B - 8 Wheeled Forwarder



LogLander LL84B is medium 8 wheeled forwarder designed to transport 2 m to 6 m long logs in thinning, tending felling, but also in main felling together with meeting the conditions of the low economical demand. The low pressure and wide - profile tyres, 8 - wheel drive, high ground clearance are the advantages which determine the machine to transfer the loads in a heavy terrain of high slope, while its low nominal pressure on ground reduce unfavorable ecological effects to minimum rate. This wheel forwarder LogLander design includes a two - axle chassis with bogie transmission with hydraulic-electric steering and control. The front part, include the engine and drivers cabin and the rear part, include stakes enabling a log transportation, with possibility of 80 cm elongation. All wheels are driven by 4 hydromotors with brake. According to ground character, the machine can change two forward gears (ground, road) and two backward gears. Machine reaches max. traffic speed of 18 km/hod.


  • Engine Kubota V3300
  • Power 50,7 kW at 2600 rot/min
  • Lighting 12V - 65 A
  • Fuel tank 50 lt

Drive Closed hydrostatic system with one axial piston pump 55 cc. Four hydraulic motor-traction and chain bogie

  • Hydraulic drive 145 lt/min, 40 MPa, 4 gears
  • Steering Hydraulic centre swivel articulated steering


  • Length   7,2 m
  • Width   1,8 m
  • Height   2,6 m
  • Ground clearance   0,56 m
  • Tyres   400/60 -15,5, 14 plain


  • Load capacity 4,500kg, 2x2 m nebo 1x3,5 m
  • Load area 1,7 m2
  • Vehicle weight 4,200 kg
  • Onroad speed 18 km/h

Truck mounted crane

  • Crane reach 4,8 m
  • Net lift moment 20 kNm
  • Crane system pressure 17 MPa
  • Swinging range 360'
  • Swing torque 4,8 kNm
  • Grab surface area 0,18 m2

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