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LOW IMPACT, PRODUCTIVE SMALL SCALE TIMBER FORWARDER FOR THE MOST DEMANDING OF FORESTRY OF FORESTRY OPERATIONS. ENTRACON EF60 is set forwarder middle category designated for the transport of 2 to 5 metrových cut out. The focus of the deployment are thinning stands to 40 and over 40 years, random mining and educational interventions.

Our company during a very short period of 3 years produced the third generation of central forwarder sets LogLander name, now ENTRACON EF60. Today, 75% of production exported to the most demanding markets of the world, such as Sweden, Finland, Germany, Canada, but also in Belgium, Holland, Poland, Italy and Chile. The first generation is showing less and less reliable traction, high energy intensity in the fuel, large quantities of hydraulic oil flow in the system, etc. The third generation, we focused on increasing traction (we replace obsolete orbital hydraulic motors TMT 470 give effect starting from 60% Sauer -Danfoss in the latest generation of radial velocity of two hydraulic motors 05 MS 85% with effect from Poclain). Traction is transmitted by 50%. In addition, the increasing speed of 13 km / hr to 25 km / hr. It used four hydraulic automatic transmission. Significantly, we have to modernize nonskid system S1X from Sauer-Danfoss, which we replace the system of the Smart Drive off-road from Poclain. Today, traction monitor sensors built directly into the hydraulic motor (not outsourced in bugi remedy) the frequency and speed of response x 6400 impulses per minute, the old, which snímal only 30 x / min. Gear pump to the hydraulic arm has been replaced by axial pump, which allows more than 4 movements with hydraulic arm for the use of load management sensingového. Last but not least, have been replaced by two 75 cc pump for one 55 cc. This has significantly reduced the flow of hydraulic oil in the system of maximum 500 l / min to just max 110 l / min. This will prolong the service life of components and replacement cartridges has grown at twice.

The overall modernization of the whole machine the user has the following advantages:

  • Saving fuel on the machine by 55% (1 pump, computer controls and monitors the engine, the engine works at optimum speed with maximum torque, taking into account the load throughout the system, the pump angle, sort of travel and the total traction machine).
  • Increase the speed, traction and antiskid system, together with the acceleration of HR was to increase the overall performance of exported wood by 24%.
  • The extension of the guarantee of 2200 MTH 1200 MTH.
  • Saving time and money spent on service guarantee exits (through triple filtration of hydraulic oil as opposed to one on the old model) by 50%.

ENTRACON EF60 is now the strongest and longest hydraulic hand in its class. This was achieved frame robustness and precision balance across the structure. Customers today can choose from two different loading technology with a classical HR, which can be used without a telescope or a telescope from 5.5 m to 6.5 ms at full tonnage out to 460 kg, or parallel with a 5.6 HR MS 440 kg at full out.

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