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Converts putrescible wastes into compost, a soil conditioner fertilizer without problems of odour, flies, rats, cockroaches, etc.

Instead of being a problem, biodegradable solid wastes (domestic, industrial, agricultural) and sludges (sewage, industrial, etc.) can be converted into a useful product through simple and affordable composting, which entails the benefits of:

  • Rapid on-site disposal, preventing odour and insect problems
  • From kitchen wastes with fish, prawn and meat wastes
  • From animal farm droppings,
  • From spoilt fruits in orchards, preventing proliferation of fruit flies.
  • Producing soil conditioner fertilizer (SCF) from wastes, useful for gardening and rehabilitation of arid lands (deserts, ex-mining lands, sandy soils, boggy lands, spoilt, acidic farmlands, etc) as SCF provides fibres and slow release nutrients. SCF is stable and easy to bag, transport and store for later use.
  • Composting is environmentally friendly, without harmful gases, occurring at normal temperatures.

Successful composting in Envirosource composters has been on-going for over ten yearshome composter using both stationary and rotary composters on various types of wastes. These processes are registered as Envirosource composter (ESC) and Envirosource Rotary Composter (ERC).

ESC is available in two sizes: the ESC-Home for individual homes and ESC-Trade for centralized composting at markets, apartments, etc, or for farms and industries.. ERC is for large composting centres, eg, townships.

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