- Model RCHV Series - V-Shape Hydraulic Folding Disc Harrows



Hydraulic V-shape disc harrows have a very strong and over dimensioned frame, with a supplementary frame on which train of discs fold. The transport width they can reach is 2,50m. Hydraulic V-shape disc harrows represent the best option to work great areas. They cover between 3 and 6 meters working width, having only 2,50 meters transport width, that allows travelling in the street without any special permission requirement. A locking device assures the compactness of the whole structure - main frame, supplementary one and train of discs - this way the vibrations cannot disturb quality of work. Besides, disc bodies are perfectly aligned so that the angle of work cannot suffer any modification.

Hydraulic V-shape disc harrows are completely hydraulic even in the folding of all section; with the option of including electro valves.

Hydraulic V-shape disc harrows are used for working vegetable residues and eliminate weeds. This allows employing less quantity of fungicides and increase productivity.

Big dimension wheels features to increase stability and reduce pressure and the impact in the soil.

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