- Model Dry-150 - Granular Hatchery Feed



EPIFEED DRY-150 is a high quality granular hatchery feed for Zoea to early post larval stages of shrimp growth.  It complements Epicore’s EPIFEED-LHF liquid larval feeds and supplements algae and Artemia that are typically used in larval rearing.

  • Promotes optimum growth and survival of the larvae.
  • Provides excellent tank water quality so minimizes the proliferation of pathogenic organisms.
  • Promotes reduced requirements for disease treatments and water exchange when used with the other Epicore hatchery system of products.
  • Completely replaces other dry diet.
  • Provides economical production of large quantities of high-health larvae

EPIFEED DRY-150 is formulated with the best quality proteins, olefinic lipids, phospholipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and micronutrients for a more readily digested feed.  DRY-150 is formulated to minimize leaching of nutrients and to maximize feed digestion.  DRY-150 is made by extrusion technology that minimizes heat exposure to maximize retention of delicate essential nutrients, micronutrients and palatability.

Product Storage

  • Recommended storage temperature is 5 to 25° C.
  • Do not store continuously at temperatures above 40o
  • Do not freeze
  • Store out of direct sunlight in a well-ventilated area.
  • Shelf Life: Shelf life is two years if stored as recommended.
  • Packaging: Plastic pail containing 7 x 1 kg resealable bags.

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