- Liquid Feeds for Larval Shrimp



EPILITE is a unique range of liquid larval hatchery feeds that provide superior hatchery nutrition and cause fewer pollution problems than traditional dry feeds.

EPILITE feeds are composed of the finest quality, highly palatable and easily digestible ingredients that are constantly available to larvae, promoting consumption and assimilation of the nutrients and hence optimum larval growth and survival. The unique emulsion form of these products provides neutrally buoyant particles that remain suspended in the water column.

  • Enhanced nutritional value, attractiveness and digestibility.
  • Reduces Artemia requirements by more than 50% and completely replaces dry diet
  • Increases larval survival.
  • Produces superior quality and stress resistant PL.
  • Reduced algal requirements with EPILITE-Z used in early zoea stage.
  • Can enrich Artemia with EPILITE-Z.
  • Easy to use liquids.
  • Cleaner tank bottoms and reduced need for water exchange, less wasted feed.
  • Major cost benefits compared to competitive diets.

Product Storage

  • Recommended storage temperature: 5° to 25°
  • Do not store continuously at temperatures above 40o
  • Do not freeze.
  • Once opened use package within one month.
  • Shelf Life: two years if stored as recommended.
  • Packaging: Plastic pail containing 10 x 1 lt bottles.

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