- Model AGP-M Series - Advanced Algae Growth Media



EPIZYM-AGP (M) is a concentrated medium for producing high levels of nutritious marine algae and other phytoplankton used for feeding shrimp and other marine animals. It is a one-pack, liquid version of the trace elements, micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals of the Guillard's f/2 medium with added cellular growth stimulants.

  • Supplies in a readily assimilated form and in physiological balance all the essential micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals required for optimum growth.
  • Produces higher cell density and higher quality algae and phytoplankton that is able to meet the nutritional needs of growing larval shrimp from zoea-1 through the post-larval stages.
  • Reduces stress and the possibility of algae crashes.
  • Easy to use concentrated liquid product that eliminates the need to buy numerous, small quantity raw materials.
  • More cost effective than alternative media.

EPIZYM-AGP-M supplies all the secondary and trace micronutrients that are essential to the synthesis of high-energy phytoplankton. Contains microbial growth stimulants to enhance cellular function during the photosynthetic process.

Product Storage

  • Recommended storage temperature is 5 to 25° C.
  • Do not store continuously at temperatures above 40°C.
  • Once opened use package within one month
  • Store out of direct sunlight in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not freeze.

Shelf Life

  • Shelf life is two years if stored as recommended.

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