Epsilon Timber and Recycling Cranes


PALFINGER EPSILON Cranes are high-performance products that are installed either on forestry machines, trucks or for stationary application. The products are characterized by the highest reliability to ensure customized solutions for comprehensive requests in the timber and recycling industry. The product portfolio consists of more than 70 models, including various patents which enables the company to be market and technology leader in that segment in Europe.

EPSILON focuses on the construction of cranes for tough and multi-shift operations. The main feature is to load and unload trucks within the forestry, recycling as well as the construction industry. The cranes can be installed on Trucks (front- or rear mounted), on forestry machines or on a stationary place. Depending on the field of application each crane can be equipped with various grab- types. EPSILON cranes are characterized by an enormous range, high speed and exceptional lifting power. In recent years the company developed and introduced several patented solutions which quickly became standards in its field. Theses inventions included new designs of telescope systems (EPSCOPE), rotator heads (EPSLINK) and boom systems (Easy Fold, Triple-Z) which led to sustainable changes within the industry.

To guarantee the highest quality and most efficient solutions to our customers, we focus on three pillars, namely DESIGN, COMFORT and TECHNIQUE within the field of research and development. By using inside house routing and a pillar mechanism that is entirely immersed in an oil bath, maintenance costs can be reduced drastically in specific areas. The new generation of operator seats “Master Drive” increases the user friendliness by providing the operator full control and a protected use for each operation. Additionally, EPSHOOD, the newly developed operators’’ security hood allows operation at the high seat at each weather condition, no matter if wind, sun or rain. Moreover, when on the road, the thermoplastic hood covers the Master Drive seat und protects it from dust and dirt.

EPSILON cranes is market leader in the areas of short and long wood haulage as well as in the off-road area (Chipper-, Forwarder-, Skidder-, Harvester- and Tractor application), Scrap manipulation, Container handling and Clam shell bucket application. Due to worldwide distribution and the increasing internationalization, markets such as North- and South America, Eastern Europe as well as Asia are gaining more importance for the future.

  • Production: Maribor (SI), Tenevo (BG), Cherven Brjag (BG)
  • Assembly: Elsbethen (AT), Caxis do Sul (BRA)
  • Main industries: Forestry, Recycling, Construction Industry, Municipalities, Disposal Industry, Use of Biomass
  • History: EPSILON was founded in Regenstauf, Germany, in 1980. In 1988, it was partly acquired by PALFINGER. Since 2000 the products get manufactured in the new production facility located in Elsbethen, Austria. In 2015 the assembly capacities of the location got expanded. The new innovation center improves further development in international markets at the highest level of quality.
  • Markets: Worldwide. Europe is still the leading market for EPSILON Timber and Recycling Cranes, whereas Russia, Asia as well as North- and South America have great potential for growth.
  • Market position: market and technology leader, Timber and Recycling Cranes #1

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