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Made from a unique blend of EVA for lightness and synthetic rubber for durability, interlocking and lightweight, Equimat Plus innovative Anti-Bacterial stable matting is impregnated with Silver Ion Technology to offer increased protection against infections and disease. Equimat Plus uses Silver Ion technology to safely destroy the bacteria which can cause infections. Silver is a natural antibacterial that kills bacteria, fungi and yeast by interfering with the metabolism necessary for respiration of these microbes. Available in a clean and fresh shade of green Equimat Plus stable mat is supplied in 28mm Supersoft thickness to give your horse or pony the ultimate in comfort and protection. Equimat Plus horse mats could prove especially beneficial for horses with injuries or on box rest.

Standard Size Sets Available:
Stable Size: 12’ x 10’ (3.66m x 3.05m) 5 mat set
Stable Size: 12’ x 12’ (3.66m x 3.66m) 6 mat set

Individual mats to extend sets:
Middle mat (interlocking on both sides) 6’ x 4’ (1.83m x 1.22m)
Edge mat (interlocking on one side) 6’ x 4’ (1.83m x 1.22m)

Weight: 21kg Each Mat

Colour: Light Green

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Impregnated with Silver Ion Technology
  • Unique blend of EVA and rubber
  • 28mm thick
  • High quality, durable and comfortable
  • 21kg per mat
  • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Reduces bedding costs and cleaning times
  • Anti Slip surface
  • Non porous and free draining base

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