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Model ER3-E DF - Centrifugal Slurry / Manure Pump



ER3-type centrifugal slurry / manure pump with air-cooled electric motor for stationary use as a chopper pump with mixing facility in pits and other storages.The pump is equipped with a three-way valve to switch between the two possible operations of pumping or mixing. The agitation nozzle is pivotable 270° horizontally and vertically by 60°. Using the agitation nozzle it is possible to homogenise the slurry before pumping by stirring up floating or sinking layers.

The robust Euro-P-type impeller transforms the power of the drive into a high flow rate. The special design of the steel made impeller consists of an intake screw with hardened cutting edges to shred straw and fibres. The hefty cast-iron volute sustains even the most wearing applications and is one of the reasons for the high durability.

The main operations to move and set up the pump (swinging into position, lowering down into the pit and lifting it up again), are accomplished by using a self inhibiting winch. The rear axle is manually adjustable to the size of the pit. Extensions in 0,6 or 1,2m length allow for usage in pits of depth more than 1,90m by connecting the extensions onto the top of the pump.

  • manure agitation
  • homogenisation of manure before pumping
  • transfer to storage tank
  • flushing applications
  • filling of slurry tankers

  • Without starter
  • To order in correct length and correct layout please include:
  • basic unit + impeller type + extensions + mounting parts

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