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- Model XL - Feeding Automats


The trough is with its oval shape designed, so that the pigs have a short and easy access to the drinking nipples. The feeder has a large feeding plateau in the middle. By pushing the steel pipe in the middle, the animals can easily dose the feed in appropriate quantities. The trough is made of rust and acid resistant polyester concrete. The rounded surface makes it easy to keep clean. There is no space between trough and floor, so there is no cleaning underneath the feeder. If there is need for more capacity, two feeders can be placed side by side (alternative model XXL). Instead of one of the water nipples, an 'Aqua Level' can be mounted. 'Aqua Level' makes it possible to keep a constant water level. Water nipples are adjusted from the factory and should not be changed.

The distance between the pipes and plateau is easily adjusted with a robust handle placed at the top of the funnel. If the feeder is placed in the pen, the feeder comes with stainless angle-brackets.

Width: 770 mm Capacity:

  • 60-65 piglets
  • 45-50 slaughter pigs

  • ideal for piglets and slaughter pigs
  • Rust and acid resistant trough in Polymen
  • Complete stainless steel water supply
  • No water at the feeding platau
  • Hopper: 70 Itr.

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