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- Model 250 - Shoot Binder



Equipped with a stapler that takes sticks of 250 staples, the ERO Shoot Binder 250 is reasonably priced and easy to operate. It is suitable for both front and over-hood mounting.

There are good reasons why ERO Shoot Binders are the market leaders. Numerous advantages speak tor their use:

  • All ERO Shoot Binders have impact protection as standard.
  • They all also have centre of gravity shifting for ease of handling on slopes.
  • The suspended mounting with damping device ensures optimum row guiding.
  • The angle to and distance from the foliage, and the vertical distance between twine and augur are all adjustable.
  • Four different augur lengths allow the Shoot Binder to be adapted to the height of foliage and the application.
  • A screwed on endplate prevents misstapling.
  • Because binding is by means of stapled twine, ERO Shoot Binders can be used in wire trellis installations without modification. Binding or double wires are not req u i red.
  • The optional top cutter saves the first trimming operation.
  • At the same time as you are binding shoots, a second operation can be carried out, e.g. mulching with a rear-mounted tool.
  • Binding twine is easily removed from the vineyard after harvesting using a wind-up reel.
  • Machine binding results in substantial time-saving during winter pruning and the subsequent collection of cuttings.
  • The stable augur mountings and the torsionally-stiff, duplex, square-tube frame make ERO Shoot Binders very robust and durable.

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