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ERO Grapeliner 6000 series, a machine with an extensive list of superior features which can offer more to vineyard owners and contractors than ever before.

1. Engine: The Engine, a liquid cooled 2012 Deutz 6 cylinder Turbo intercooled diesel, rated up to 200 kw @ 2500rpm is mounted low to maintain a low centre of gravity.

2. Transmission. The harvester is controlled by a joy stick with all key functions including height adjustment and harvesting parameters. It also allows on the go selection from the four speed hydrostatic transmission, from harvesting speed through to a 40km road speed. Cruise control can be also selected on the go. Front suspension can be switched on and off depending on function. Four wheel braking is controlled by pedal, as is a separate foot throttle option. A CCTV camera system is standard, available with up to four cameras. The main screen is large showing many functions at once.

3. The Hydraulic system offers load sensing, a function not seen in other harvesters, allowing the machine to operate at much lower RPM for much of the time, saving significant amounts of fuel (approx 30% less than other harvesters) All the major service points are easily accessible including oil filter, fuel filter and dual air filter.

4. The beaters are operated by a direct drive hydraulic motor with a large flywheel to keep the speed consistent and are adjustable to suit the canopy being harvested. Inside the harvesting heads there are no bearings, everything is rubber mounted to provide a softer touch for the grapes, and also keeps grease from the juice area. The beaters are square section ensuring that the contact area with the canopy is the same through out the working life. ( This provides a much improved life)

5. Fruit transport Plates are pivoted on bearings and tensioned with a multi point adjustment spring so both old or young vines are catered for. The two rows of fruit transport plates are independently adjustable for angle on steep slopes.

6. Elevator and conveyor – These machines have a single elevator system which allows the machine to be split into 2 halves, one side for fruit, juice etc, the other side for the engine fuel, and all hydraulics. This is separated by stainless steel panels (if a hydraulic hose bursts, or fuel spill happens all is contained with out affecting the fruit ) the whole conveyor assembly is encased in stainless steel with the covers being removable without tools for easy cleaning. The conveyor speed is completely controlled from the computer screen in the cab and also reversible if there is a blockage. The conveyor has 2 motors in different places to cope with a heavy crop.

7. Grape cleaning and Leaf removal - there are 3 independent systems for clearing the leaf; the initial removal takes place in flight as the grapes fall after shaking. The crossflow fan blows the leaves to the right into the in feed area of the leaf rake from where they are discharged by adjustable stainless steel tines, then the lower suction fan fitted with a vine stalk chopper blows the remaining leaf out behind the rear wheel before the grapes are conveyed upwards, at this point 95% of the leaf will be removed and finally the leaves remaining under the grapes are removed after reversal on the conveyor belt by the upper suction fan. This prevents as little as possible juice pick up through the fans.

8. The Destemmer. ERO is the only brand to offer a large winery style destemmer on a grape harvester. The large diameter of the cage and the many adjustments mean that damage to the fruit is minimised whilst performance and speed is unhindered by the destemming process. The destemmer can be removed easily from the machine in approx 20minutes if not required. Adjustments such as, the speed of the beater, the speed of the basket, and the angle of the basket can all be made from the cabin at the touch of a button. The beaters and basket can also easily be changed and or cleaned, in fact, the ERO destemmer is the only brand that includes a brush system to constantly clean the destemmer basket whilst in use.

9. Discharge conveyor: ERO offer an optional discharge conveyor on their grape harvester. ERO is the only harvester available that can operate a discharge conveyor with a destemmer.

10. The height adjustment is up to 750mm allowing the machine to operate on very steep slopes (up to approx 45 degrees) and terracing situations (34%) also allowing a very high tipping height of 2.8m)

11. Steering. ERO is one of the only machines available with an auto steering function. The auto steering operates with two sensor systems, the main sensors being four ultra sonic ‘eyes’ backed up by mechanical sensors in front of the fruit transport plates with the bias adjustable on the cab mounted screen depending on the conditions. The machine is capable of steering at 90 degrees, allowing the whole machine to turn within its own length. The wheel base of the machine has been designed for maximum stability and comfort.

12. The Grapeliner 6000 series has a side tipping 3.5 tonne bin with a low centre of gravity; it is placed on the side of the machine not on the top of the machine. It is easy to clean and has a gentle action and few moving parts. A Single bin allows a much swifter tipping speed than twin bins. The bin support frame is extremely strong with gussets on every joint.

13. Central lubrication system has a pump which greases every grease point on the machine that requires regular lubrication at predetermined intervals. This greatly reduces operator input and maintenance on the machine. Senses detect blocked grease nipples and show on the in cab screen. This features is of great benefit to operators as it is no longer necessary to climb into the machine in the middle of the night to apply grease when conditions are cold and the machine is wet and sticky with grape juice.

14. Tool compartment In the side of the machine there is a large compartment for tools and parts and the battery.

15. The cabin is placed in the middle of the machine and is the most comfortable cabins in the industry, allowing the driver a perfect view. Looking to the right, there is a direct view into the bin, allowing the operator to constantly monitor and adjust results. To the left, the operator can monitor the operation and result of the destemmer. As the machine self steers and has cruise control, the driver can concentrate on monitoring the result of the harvesting and making various adjustments to optimise the quality of the fruit rather than concentrating on steering and driving the machine up the row. The floor is glass which allows the operator a full view down into the canopy and row. The cabin has both heating and air conditioning for operator comfort, as well as electric mirrors to maintain vision in all conditions. The cabin also has an instructor seat that folds down in the cab for passengers or instructor. There are 10 external working lights, with another 6 at key locations under the machine.

The ERO 6000 series Grapeliner has been designed for long life, strength and reliability. Other brands have substantial refurbishment costs before and after every season whereas whilst the ERO is a mechanical machine and therefore has wearing components, the machine has been designed to minimize wear and reduce seasonal refurbishment costs.

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