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Soil is comprised of mineral or organic soil particles with spaces called 'pore' space. This space contains varying amounts of air and water depending on soil type and conditions. The ratio of particle to pore space would ideally by 50:50 in natural un-compacted friable soils. However for most soils the reality is very different. The demands of grazing and the regular use of machinery, often in wet and highly unfavourable conditions, is very destructive to soil structure and results in the condition described as compaction.


Compaction starts at the surface and builds progressively throughout the soil profile, often to considerable depths, preventing water penetration and the movement and up-take of all essential elements.

As the soil particles pack closer and closer together pore space is eliminated and the soil is devoid of air and water, thus denying grass plants the 'essentials of life'.

An appropriate aeration program can increase worm population and activity, and transform shallow rooting to deep rooting. This in turn will increase pasture growth.

The overall soil structure will be more free draining which will improve plant protection in the wet and the increased root depth will improve grass production in dry conditions. Independent tests have shown an average dry matter increase of over 20% in a fifteen month period.

  1. Sprung loaded disks cut a neat slot through the sod.
  2. Low lift point lifts the soil structure evenly across the profile giving good lift with minimum soil disruption.
  3. Hydraulic auto-reset for reliable performance and maximum output. Allows break-back pressure to be varied to suit conditions.
  4. Rubber mounted main pivot (Patent Pending) allows the leg to oscillate sideways round obstacles increasing protection further.
  5. Reset trips up and back to minimise stress and prevent stones rising to the surface.
  6. Smooth roller levels the surface and closes the slot for a perfect finish. Also gives positive depth control and improved traction.

  • Improved worm activity
  • Improved soil fertility
  • Improved rooting structure and depth
  • Reduced poaching
  • Extended growth season
  • Increased grass production

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